ABOUT US | 关于我们

Our determination on product quality makes our brand name a household identity.

Muar Yuen Chen Siang is backed by more than 40 years of dietary wisdom and has become a trusted household brand name in the production of healthier barbecued meat and meat floss.

Since 1969, our production process has withstood significant adaptations to change, discerning tastes, new technology and quality control.
The original recipe yield on using only the finest, freshest and natural ingredients to produce great flavours, so you can rest assured that the products from us would never compromise on taste and quality.

Our determination on product quality makes our brand name a household identity.
Hence, it make ideal as festive gift or for self-consumption.




WHY US | 为何选择我们

  • 40 years of dietary wisdom
  • Continuity of the traditional flavour from an ancient secret recipe
  • Use of finest fresh meats
  • Seasoned with natural spices
  • Purely handmade
  • High in nutritional value, low-cholesterol, no trans fat, no sodium nitrate
  • Constant development of new flavours
  • Exquisite gift packaging
  • Environment conscious

  • 累积40年的食品工业经验
  • 发扬祖传秘方的传统口味
  • 采用上等新鲜肉质
  • 利用天然香料调味
  • 全手工制造
  • 营养丰富、低胆固醇、不含反式脂肪、不含硝酸钠
  • 口味不断推陈出新
  • 精致送礼包装
  • 具环保意识


  • Dedication
  • Preservation
  • Conscience
  • 贡献
  • 坚持
  • 良心


  • Excellence in service towards our customers
  • Continuous product research and development
  • Ensure product quality at its best
  • Harness moral value among our employees
  • Create unity and integration within the company
  • 为顾客提供卓越服务
  • 精益求精,不断研发新产品
  • 确保最佳品质
  • 向员工贯彻职业道德精神
  • 提倡员工之间的团结与合作

Vision | 梦想

  • Continuous invention of extraordinary barbecued meat and meat floss series
  • 继续研发人人喜爱的肉干与肉松