FAQ 常见问题

FAQ | 常见问题

Will my orders be saved for future viewing? 我的订单是否会保留记录?

Yes. Your history of purchase will be saved for viewing only if u Register / Sign In at the time of purchase.

What are my payment options? 有哪些付款选择?

MOLPay and PayPal will be our payment gateway that accepts payment via credit card and online banking transfers.

Is there any extra charge if I make payment via Paypal/MOLPay? 透过Paypal/MOLPay付款是否有额外收费?

No, there is no service charge.

No service charge for registered Paypal users. You may register the Paypal account for free.
However, an additional service charge of USD 1.00 will be charged for non-registered Paypal users.
已注册 Paypal 的使用者无需支付任何额外服务费。无注册者则需支付1美元服务费。当然,注册 Paypal 户口是免费的。

Do I get a receipt upon payment? 付款后是否会发出收据?

Yes. A purchase receipt will be emailed to you once the payment has been made.

What method do you use for shipping? 源珍香使用哪一种送货方式?

We have our own in-house delivery team to deliver your orders.

Do you ship to ship to PO Box? 可否送到邮政信箱?

No. Please select a residential or office address where we can ship your order.

Do you ship to East Malaysia and overseas? 东马及海外也可享有递送服务吗?

No. We only take orders within Peninsular Malaysia at the moment.

How long does shipping take? 递送服务需要多久时间?

Central & Southern Malaysia: 1-3 working days.
Northern Malaysia: 2-4 working Days.


I have a question that is not listed in FAQ, how do I contact you? 如有其他疑问,该与谁接洽?

We will be more than happy to answer any question you may have, please email us at info@yuen.com.my or call 06-9521528, 06-9521529, 06-9523109.
欢迎您电邮至 info@yuen.com.my 或拨06-9521528、06-9521529、 06-9523109。