Natural. Handmade. Improvements.

In Muar during the sixties, at the back alley of 2nd Avenue Street, stood a grey-haired man and his bicycle, selling fresh pork & pieces of barbecued meat every morning, religiously. So fresh and tasty that they were worth every penny. Soon, attracted more people who came specifically for what he sells best. This is how Master Goh and his brand Muar Yuen Chen Siang became known.

Famous for barbecued meat, customers simply came for their distinctive taste and flavour. Despite the fact, Master Goh insisted that they are made with only the finest ingredients and under the strictest surveillance. It was this persistence that made them comply with the food and health safety features.

Demands increase with time. Muar Yuen Chen Siang has withstood the Gourmet period (1969-1973), Convenience period (1973-1983), Appearance period (1983-1990) and Health-conscious period (1990-2002). Therefore, research and improvement were progressively conducted to ensure demands met – taste and texture, convenience, exquisite packaging and dietary quality.

For over 40 years of dietary wisdom, Master Goh pursuits improvements. Constant research and implementation of new technology smoothens the production line, supports the development of new flavours, and enriches the dietary quality with lower cholesterol levels and higher nutritional value. Maintaining a good reputation was Master Goh’s honour and pride.

Master Goh insisted that food products should be bought with confidence, fit as a heart-warming gift and be eaten with a peace of mind.





源珍香吴师傅 Master Wu

Four of Master Goh’s insistence

(1) Seasoned with natural spices
(2) Purely handmade
(3) No sodium nitrite
(4) No trans fats